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  • Kathryn Pilon

Kitchen Trend: Curved Shapes

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

When it comes to the kitchen, some things are timeless; we all know you want your kitchen to be functional, comfortable and clean. But if you’re dreaming of a sleek new kitchen, or you’re looking for some design inspo for a little sprucing up, we are here to help. Check in weekly (oh boy am I really committing to this?!?) for kitchen design trends, tips and product knowledge to keep in your back pocket for your next kitchen project.

Up Frist? Curved Shapes.

This trend was one of the biggest design features that marked the design style of the 60’s, and was renowned as the hottest trend in 2019. It is showing no signs of fading and simply put, we are obsessed. Here's how we are seeing curves show up in kitchen design:

1 .Curved Cabinetry Corners

Modern, sleek and a trend that has been creepy in to be a little more main stream. This design feature is not for the novice millwork team, as curved cabinetry requires quality craftsmanship and a keen design eye. We're see curved cabinetry edges on islands, door panels and mouldings.

2. Curved Island Countertops

This is not the soft arched back side of an island, but instead a half circle or large radius end. Perfect for pulling a few extra stools around and softening the edges to create a welcoming environment.

3. Scalloped or Fluted Paneling

This is a modern, unique design touch we love. It is textured and paying tribute to more classical architecture. We're seeing it in quartz and marble, melamine and wood paneling.

4. Circular Hardware

This has been huge. Whether it is the traditional brass ball knob, or modern circular hardware, this accessory helps soften the straight lines of most kitchen designs.

5. Curved Pantry Door

Hello beautiful focal point and good bye hidden walk in pantry door. Trust me when I say, the hidden walk in pantry door is on its way out, instead embrace a curved door way!

I see a whole lot more blog posts spiraling out of this one especially on the beloved hidden walk in pantry door I just nixed. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading! ~Kathryn Pilon

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