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A first look peek inside the doors of this modern build.

We started this project with a great base. Our clients came to us with architectural plans from Philip Fernandes Design and custom home builder, Gino Piccioni of Timberland Homes.

Modern Exterior Home

Architectural design + exterior rendering completed by Philip Fernandes Designs Inc.

The home itself is quite modern, so we wanted to ensure that our interior and exterior selections aligned with the overall architectural design. At INDEX Design Studio, whether it is new home construction or remodels, we always look to the architectural style of the home for inspiration. By connecting the interior and architectural design we naturally elongate the homes visual appeal. The home stays relevant longer by preventing our clients from following the fast pace trends of today's interior design culture.

Whenever we start a project, we start with exterior selections and the kitchen. With a solid plan for these two areas, the rest of the home naturally falls in line.

So… Let’s talk about the Kitchen.

Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is why our clients came to us. They initially started the build without a design team and quickly realized they needed a professional who understood their needs and aesthetics. They came to us with a sad white modern farmhouse kitchen design. It was nothing special, it did not suit the home and our clients knew it. They just did not know how to fix it.

If you know INDEX, you know we love designing kitchens. We instantly fell in love with this project and knew the kitchen could not be white. The exterior of the home was going to be darker tones, walnut, black and warm grey. A white farmhouse kitchen just didn't fit.

In all fairness, our clients thought they wanted a white kitchen. They were coming from a home built in the 80s with a dark wood kitchen tucked in the corner. They knew they wanted their new home, especially the kitchen, to feel bright and open. With a little coxing, we assured them that dark cabinetry did not mean that the space would feel dark. With the right design and selections, this kitchen would still feel bright and open.

Modern kitchen

The kitchen layout needed to be re-worked. We eliminated upper cabinetry on the window wall, repositioned the window and reconfigured the island size and appliance placements. By removing the upper cabinetry and repositioning the window it opened the space and allowed the white backsplash tile to run from countertop to ceiling. Wall sconces were added to either side of the window to add some visual interest and fill the space.

kitchen drawing
modern kitchen

Dark rift cut oak cabinetry was selected and paired with white quartz countertops. Stainless steel appliances run the perimeter of the kitchen and we brought in hints of brass to pick up on the copper veining in the quartz countertops.

modern kitchen

We could not be happier with how the kitchen turned out. It is modern but warm, and connected to the architectural design of the home. It is bright but not all white. It has visual interest and will stand the test of time.

kitchen designer, modern kitchen

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