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INDEX Design Studio is a custom-tailored approach to interior design for new builds and remodels. It is our goal to support our clients by helping them navigate each step of the process.  We do this by expertly managing both interior and exterior hard finishes as well as the technical design details of the home in order to create not just a beautiful space, but also a beautiful process.


At INDEX Design Studio, we see ourselves as guides for clients, rather than experts imposing a vision.  We are part of a collaborative community between architect, builder, trades and suppliers.  We are passionate about interior design, and driven to provide an excellent service to our community.

We believe that regardless of budget or style, everyone deserves a well-designed home.  We are pleased to work on projects of all styles and sizes and are determined to see the value and potential in every home. 


Kathryn’s life has always been about design and creativity. Her mother, a vibrant acrylic artist, raised her to see beauty in every step and corner of her life. Her father, a successful entrepreneur and cabinet designer, taught her the importance of good design, hard work and integrity.  

Working with her father for 10 years, Kathryn learnt about family business from the ground up. She became proficient in all facets of the cabinetry industry, technical design and what a core value truly meant. After identifying a gap in the building industry, Kathryn established INDEX Design Studio in 2020 in order to guide clients across the design spectrum of all hard finishes. 

When not designing for clients, or researching current design trends and materials, you’ll find Kathryn immersed in her own home renovation and balancing a quiet family life with her husband Mark and three girls. 

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" I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of. For to have been born in God's thought, and then designed by God is the dearest, grandest and most precious thing in all thinking."
 C.S. Lewis

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